Thank you for visiting Chocolate Cake Mondays, a weekly exploration of the foils and triumphs of a career in management served by me, Kristen Jordan-Wood, a hospitality sales and marketing professional with a notorious passion for sweets. CCM offers playful stories in cautionary tale format paired with sweet dessert recipes to comfort us through an obligatory leadership challenge each week. The primary aim of Chocolate Cake Mondays is entertainment; however, if you should find any good sense amongst the sweet stuff, then feel free to adopt those items as your own. My intention is to share insights learned from over twenty years of eating massive amounts of cake while accumulating the wisdom to survive a career in management.

Why the name Chocolate Cake Mondays? Years ago, I received a thoughtful gift of a chocolate cake cookbook from a colleague. In an effort to pay the kind gesture forward, I baked 50 cakes from the cookbook and brought them to work on Mondays, one each week for a year. Surprisingly, nobody became diabetic or even gained weight. Turns out you really can have your cake and eat it too! I’m keeping the name Chocolate Cake Mondays because once again I’m bringing treats to the office on Mondays, only now the office is virtual. This time, I’m mixing it up a bit as not all the recipes are chocolate or cake.  All the content herein is my experience and opinion.

Bon appétit!